Hiccup, along with Toothless, led Astrid to where a nest of baby Nadders were playing unsupervised. The three stayed within clear view of the dragons, but kept their distance. Hiccup crouched down and pulled a book from one of his hidden pockets. Astrid caught glimpses of various dragons and gadgets as he flipped through to a fresh page near the back. He began doodling the babies as the bounced around and chased one another.
It wasn’t long before the Nadders took notice of their observers and bounded toward them in avid curiosity. They showed a great fondness for Astrid, despite her nervous attempts to avoid them. She took steps sideways and back, yet the babies persisted in their interest of her.
Astrid looked to Hiccup for help, but he made no effort to assist her. Instead he laughed as the group of Nadders chased her, purring and rubbing on her any chance they could get. One baby had even taking a liking to admiring himself in her armor. Soon enough, Astrid started smiling too.
Part 1, Part 2
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갑자기 삘받아서. C가 보고싶다며 노래부르던 얻어터진 피터+냠냠.
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Random How to Train Your Dragon 2 Caps

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